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Post-Conference Training | ICS Cyber Security Essentials – ICSE

Workshop Area 01 September 23, 2019 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Mohamed Yousef
Omar Sherin

2-Days Training | 23-24 September, 2019


Nowadays cyber attacks and threats are increasing day after day, there are several motivations behind that increase of threats; it could be for example political, financial, personal.. etc, and nowadays cyber attacks are not only hitting enterprise IT environments, but also targeting critical infrastructure and industrial controls systems such as SCADA, DCS, SIS, Tunnel Ventilation, Signaling, BMS, … etc.

Cyber security for control systems are not similar as for IT, it requires different understanding and approaches, so the need for Control Systems Cyber Security professionals are increasing not only in the region but worldwide, and hence SecuriCIP trying to help reducing this gap and building Control Systems Cyber Security skilled professionals and experts through our training programs as below:

SecuriCIP ICS Cyber Security Essentials (ICSE)

This course provides strong essentials and foundation of ICS Cyber Security subject, it is designed for engineers and professionals who need to build very solid base and introduction in the world of ICS (Industrial Control Systems) Cyber Security.

ICS Systems Introduction

  • ICS System Architecture
  • ICS system components
  • Demonstration
  • Possible Risks on ICS Environment
  • Challenges in ICS system environment


Attacks on ICS systems

  • Real cases and incidents in ICS
  • Lesson Learnt
  • Possible Attack Scenarios in ICS
  • Lab Exercise


Control Systems Cyber Security Standards and Best Practices

  • NIST 800-82
  • ISA99/IEC62443
  • Basic cyber security controls